QA-QC Policy

Technical Trading Services is in the process of developing a Quality Management System (QMS) consisting of a Quality Assurance (QA) sub-system and a Quality Control (QC) sub-system. This will be the generic Quality Management System applicable to all functions within the Company. For each individual Project, Technical Trading Services shall introduce a Project-specific system.

Technical Trading Services will assume responsibility for Quality Assurance and Quality Control throughout all clients projects. This will be accomplished using a proactive approach of "steering" quality into all projects and "restoring" quality, as required. Our Quality Control Methodology builds on the principle that design concepts and document preparation should be "steered" to optimize an effective design and appropriate level of quality at the beginning of the project, rather than attempting to "re-inject", quality at the end of the project through the use of pre-final reviews. Following is a summary of the key elements outlined in Digital Connection's Quality Manual.

The QA/QC Team is comprised of senior professionals from technical, managerial, and construction practice areas. During the mobilization phase of the project, the Project Manager will assemble QA/QC personnel to review system concepts proposed in the Functional Specification Document.
Once the Project Team collectively steers the design toward the best conceptual solution, the next essential element in the program is "Quality Assurance". Quality Assurance is a daily function and the responsibility of each team member. During the subsequent construction and pre-commissioning phases, each design discipline will coordinate regularly on project-related issues. Open communication channels will be maintained between all members, partners, and the Client PMT to coordinate daily Inspection and Testing activities during these phases.
Quality control is an important element in the quality product equation. The objective is to have well- coordinated Inspection and Test Plan with clearly defined procedures and a well-prepared QA/QC team to implement the Quality Control review step. As a final determination, all construction documents are thoroughly reviewed utilizing a detailed Quality Control procedure to reveal items that merit additional work.